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QUIZ: Do You Know Your Lake Erie Trivia?

There’s nothing like boating out on Lake Erie with the feeling of the wind in your hair, the current in your favor and the sun on your face! After over three decades of ferrying passengers from the mainland to the islands and back again, we’ve picked up enough Lake Erie trivia to create our own quiz show. We’re the life of the party, assuming the party is also filled with people who love our lake as much as we do. 

If you want to become a Lake Erie Expert like the Jet Express crew, we’ve created this quiz to help you get there. Can you prove yourself by correctly answering these fun facts about Lake Erie and the Jet Express?

lake erie trivia

The Jet Express Lake Erie Trivia Quiz

How Did You Do?

If you need to spend a little more time on the waves of Lake Erie to brush up on your Lake Erie trivia, it sounds like a trip to the islands may be in your future. Hop aboard the fastest ferry service this side of South Bass and we’ll have you there in no time. 

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