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Unexpected Spectacular Views

How do we know the most amazing vantage points on the islands? Because WE’VE BEEN EVERYWHERE. So here's our expert opinion on the views you must see with your very own eyes.

South Bass Island State Park

If you’re lucky enough to be at this state park while the sun is setting–STAY THERE. Trust us, it’s worth it.

The Jet Express

Not to brag—but when we round Gibraltar Island while coming into the harbor, the view of Put-in-Bay is downright fantastic.

South Bass Island Lighthouse Tours

Take in an incredible view of Put-in-Bay from the tippy-top of this lighthouse’s tower. It’s $3 for adults, $1 for children, and priceless for anyone who loves sunsets. Check out the tour times.


Put-in-Bay has parasailing, jet skis, and more.

Want to experience aerial views of the Put-in-Bay harbor? There’s no better way. Put-in-Bay Parasail offers island family fun at the highest level. Literally.

Perry’s Monument

This Memorial sits 352 feet over Lake Erie. The view goes down in history as one of the island’s best.